About me

Dr. Birgit Weidl : Coach, Trainer, Natural Health Psychotherapist

Three Pillars for a holistic objective

Every person already holds the solution for their “problem” within themselves. As a systemic coach, I am convinced of this. My role is to offer you new perspectives and alternative ways to guide the process. Because I'm not a consultant who teaches. I come to you not as a consultant who teaches, rather as a facilitator who accompanies you as we “work” together to enable you to actively move towards your solution.

Thereby my scope of activities comprises three areas as “Pillars” :

Pillar 1: Specialized Medical & Sales Training

Pillar 2: Systemic Coaching

Pillar 3 : Mental Health

My praxis for Holistic Psychotherapy and Personal & Business Coaching is settled in Munich (Bavaria in Germany) – one in Munich City and one in the Northwest of Munich on the countryside. All three of my “service pillars” are offered in German and in English.

Specialization in Medical Device- and Pharmaceutical companies

My varied career path allows me to offer this specific service for both professional and private clients. An interest in the welfare of humans and animals has always been the motivating factor in my career choices. As an approbated veterinary doctor, I worked in Berlin at the Zoological Garden. A fantastic, exciting and intense time.

Unexpectedly, I switched to the field of human medicine, where I have been working in oncology for more than 12 years. Spending this time with doctors and patients has shaped me greatly. My medical knowledge had been enhanced and my empathy for humans and their health has increased.

From these many years, I also bring a strong experience in the field of training: Training throughout Europe and additionally the Middle East has brought me closer to many cultures. For over six years, I have been conducting medical specialist training for sales departments, marketing, clinical research, and office staff across all levels of the hierarchy.

Furthermore, all of this contributes to my many years of experience in the field of sales, flows together and fits together resulting in a constructive and harmonious cooperation. The Certification as Strategic Sales Manager (at the University of Augsburg, section Business Sciences) assists, additionally. My focus here is on the two neighboring branches of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

With advanced techniques in change processes

At the University of Augsburg, I have been trained and certified as a Strategic Coach for Individual Coaching. In doing so, I have internalized many coaching elements and strategic content - in order to develop more flexibility in my clients' thinking and acting in problem situations.

Should I reach the limits of a coaching process in coaching settings with my clients, for example due to health concerns or psychotic causes, I can cover this area as well, because I am professionally trained for this: Here I can use my additional skills as natural health therapist, restriced to the field of psychotherapy, help to cope with such situations with clients: for example, with burnout, fears, constraints or persistent complaints from trauma.

With this specialist knowledge, I can assess with certainty whether a client requires treatment via the Image and Stature Therapy or the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) constructively - both recognized, effective and meanwhile valued by many psychiatrists. When a client/patient`s condition requires referral to a specialist, my qualification allows me to assess and progress this.

Making a positive difference to the individual, supporting him to reconcile and work for his health motivates me a lot. I would like to carry on this empathy.

So, I can give you holistic support in complex and difficult situations - for a variety of options and satisfactory changes.