Sales Trainings

Face to face Sales Training with practical exercises

Over time, sales employees may lapse into habits that they no longer question. Or in daily routines they may unknowingly stereotype a customer into a particular category leading to frustration.

Does this all seem familiar to you? Although understandable, attention should still be focused on solutions: - How can I revive contact with a given customer? - How can I find out if his needs and view have changed? - How can I motivate myself to make another attempt to contact them?

Support your company sales team with face to face sales training of a different kind. Different because I offer more than a standard sales training: With me, your employees learn appreciative communication on an equal footing. They learn to confidently deal with pretexts and objections. And you are trained to ensure a positive outcome of the discussions.

Fine tuning for the discussion and in the realignment of a company

Maybe your employees have already developed a fundamental skepticism to learn more about sales. Do you hear phrases like: "I have no time for that, I have to deliver my numbers", "This customer does not buy, I know them inside out" or "It’s never as one would expect". My training exercises help interrupt these old ways of thinking and help bring the enthusiasm back to the representatives of your company.

Through targeted questions, your employees get into the conversation and discussion: What is important for the start of the conversation? Which “No Go's” should be avoided? How to succeed in making the bridge from small talk to business? How to make your customer feel valued?

Your team should be 100% behind the company and its leadership. If, for example, an image change from the company management is to be successful, executives and managers are expected to be fully involved with the management. The employees of the company should finally implement the image change in practice. I can help prepare your employees for this so that they can initiate authentic sales talk with customers.

A successful image change can be achieved through an appropriate business coaching ((Link Coaching!!)) for your employees.

For an assured, convincing sale without pressure and in a positive atmosphere, my Sales Coaching gives additional support ((Link!!))