Resilience Training

Emerge stronger from a crisis

In recent years, there has been a focus on stress management: overload at work, crisis situations in companies or at home (e.g. due to COVID-19) or a challenging work-life balance. Even the additional burdens of increasing digitalization and online meetings instead of in-person meetings can present new challenges for our society and us as human beings.

The term "resilience" has varying definitions but refers to a characteristic or trait: it does not have to be innate, but could be acquired through training and development.

It refers to the ability to handle stress or a crisis calmly. A “comparable” term for resilience is "mental strength": what is meant by this is that people in crisis situations remain psychologically stable and healthy even under long-term stress - both physically and mentally.

Through research into resilience health-promoting and preventive measures have been developed. In the meantime, qualified concepts for self-management have emerged. The LOOVANZ resilience concept is one such concept and it helps to identify and train those skills and behaviours that we need to become mentally resilient and empowered to emerge from a crisis.

I am qualified to conduct training according to this model: within a business context, at adult education centres or in the private sector.

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