Appointments & Pricing

The information below does not apply for corporate clients. Quotations, services and professional fees for companies are based on requirements specific to the individual company needs.


Information - Coaching and Therapy

  • Die Dauer einer Sitzung - unabhängig von Coaching oder Therapie - ist in der Regel 60 - 90 - 120 Minuten.
  • Es besteht keinerlei Verpflichtung für eine bestimmte Anzahl von Sitzungen
  • Sie bezahlen nur die Leistung, die von Ihnen in Anspruch genommen wurde

Non-binding preliminary consultation

Ein Vorgespräch dauert ca. 10-15 Minuten und findet telefonisch statt. Diese Zeit ist kostenfrei. Wir lernen uns kurz kennen und besprechen Ihr Anliegen. Gerne beantworte ich auch Ihre Fragen zu meinem Coaching- bzw. Therapieangebot.


Als Heilpraktikerin, eingeschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie, nach dem Heilpraktikergesetz (HeilprG) bin ich an die gesetzliche Schweigepflicht gebunden. Dies ist im Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch (§ 630a BGB) sowie im Patientenrechtegesetz geregelt.

Daraus ergibt sich eine Schweigepflicht, die in ihrem Umfang der von Ärzten gleicht. Dazu gehört auch bereits die Tatsache, dass Sie als Klient/Patient zu mir in die Praxis kommen.

Fee – Your investment

  • Your investment for a single session per 60 minutes for self payers
    • 120 Euro für Coaching (exkl. USt.) and
    • 120 - 150 Euro für Therapy abhängig von der Diagnose.
  • My Fee is exempt from VAT under Section 4 (14) Of The UStG if there is a therapeutic application
  • Bei einem Coaching fällt zusätzlich zu meinem Honorar die normale gesetzliche Umsatzsteuer (USt.) von 19% an, die in den obigen Betrag nicht mit eingeschlossen ist)
  • I can agree fees for lectures and trainings privately


I arrange appointments with you personally and try to be flexible and tailored to your needs. Please call on 0160 711 91 85 (see also contact in menu bar or on my Homepage).

During a meeting I am unable to answer the phone, please leave a message on my answering machine, I will contact you at my earliest opportunity.
Alternatively you can use the online contact request form. verwenden.

Cancellation of appointments

As I run an appointment practice, the appointments are specially reserved for you. They have the advantage of no waiting times.

If you are unable to meet an appointment, please do so and advise with at least 24 hours notice.

Please understand that in the event of a short-term cancellation less than 24 hours in advance or even state failure to attend without notice, full fee would be charged for the missed appointment.

Billing of therapy with private funds - Supplementary Insurance

Depending on your contract with your Healthcare Insurance provider, my fee may be paid by your Insurer or possibly Supplementary Insurance (please consult your contract). In the accounting for my therapeutic support, I take guidance from the GebüH (Fee Regulation for Naturopaths).

The fees in the GebüH were set more than 20 years ago and are not binding for Naturopaths and Insurance companies. Therefore, the positions are adjusted to the current market pricing. For this reason, Insurance Providers also reimburse differently. As a result, there may well be corresponding patient contribution in the account.

Please check with your Insurance Provider how any possible refunds would be made.

Advantage as a self payer in therapy

  • You will receive immediate help and support - without bureaucracy of dealing with a health insurance company
  • No details of your diagnosis will be disclosed to your health insurer
  • You are able claim my fee as a medical expense (exceptional charges) for tax purposes

Claiming tax on Therapy fees

Mein Honorar für Therapie können Sie im Rahmen Ihrer Steuererklärung als außergewöhnliche Belastungen oder Sonderausgaben (Aufwendungen für Gesundheit/Gesunderhaltung) geltend machen, wenn Sie Selbstzahler sind.
Über die entsprechenden Freibeträge erkundigen Sie sich bitte bei Ihrem Steuerberater.

Billing with statutory Health Insurance Funds

Statutory Health Insurance does not cover fees for therapy. Please contact your health insurance company directly or alternatively the Bavarian Association of Cash And Conventions, email: patienten-infoline[at]

Costs for coaching would not be covered by private or statutory health insurance providers.

Claiming tax on Coaching fees

You are able to claim my fees for Coaching in your tax return. The prerequisite here is that coaching is prompted by professional circumstances and is carried out to assist performance in your job / career. You can claim these costs as a work related tax deduction in your tax return. Your Tax Advisor can provide you with further information.

Coachings and Trainings for corporate clients

For Corporate Clients I am happy to create an individual offer. My fee for conducting seminars, workshops, or support in individual coaching, for example for Executives, is available on request.

Social Fees - Low income

It is my belief that psychiatric support should be made available for every person that requires it:

With Low Incomes, e.g. Apprentices, Students, low Earners, Recipients of Unemployment Benefit 2 (ALG II/Hartz IV), can receive a coaching or therapy place for a discounted Fee .

If you are interested, please feel free to request the appropriate conditions and availability of appointments.