Holistic Image & Stature Therapy

Holistic Image & Stature Therapy

As Natural Health Practitioner specialized on Psychotherapy to advise on solution processes

It happens regularly that during a coaching session I notice how drastically my clients are exposed to health or severe mental stresses. Coaching clearly reaches its limits here, as a coach is not trained to assess or deal with these extreme cases. A therapy can then be the best solution to deal with this situation appropriately and to allow you to return to mental health.

Holistic Image and Stature Therapy is a recognized psychotherapeutic procedure recognized by more and more specialists, such as Psychiatrists. It is also increasingly valued and appreciated by Psychotherapists and has proven to be very effective for many clients.

Allow a back seat from your “Mind-directed thinking and analysis” to take your sensations and feelings become more important - this is expressed through self-made, simple drawings. Positive effects are sometimes achievable very quickly - your life energy and life force can soon return completely.

With holistic Image and Stature Therapy against burnout, traumata, fears and more

In this treatment, I accompany you as a therapist through the following areas of crisis that can occur in life, to cope or to find a better way to deal with and subsequently grow. I help you to cope with:

  • Fears & Phobias
  • Traumatic complications (also PTSD)
  • Depression (attending)
  • Poor performance
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain (non-organic)
  • Burnout
  • Obsessive thoughts and actions
  • Tics
  • ADD / ADHD in adults

In addition, Image and Stature Therapy can help you master personal and professional challenges, especially if they go beyond what one could normally cope with: Whether you are feeling stressed at work or studying, whether you are running a home or you are on retirement.

As an add-on: If you are severely ill such as about cancer, my over 12 years of experience in the field of oncology (together with doctors and patients) has allowed me to gain extensive theoretical and practical medical knowledge. Additionally, this allows me to bring a great deal of understanding and compassion for this group of patients. For these reasons, I offer you support in the field of psycho-oncology : This means that I can support you as a patient with/after cancer and you as a relative in your specific psychological situation.