Systemic Personal & Business Coaching

Professional support for challenging situations

You are facing a great challenge in your life and do not know what to do next? The good news for you is: the solution is already in you! You just haven`t realized it - yet!

This is the basic philosophy behind systemic coaching. The coach does not give any advice for life, the coach accompanies you on your way until you find the right solution for you. Often the process is perceived as more important than the result. The Systemic Coach is the expert in this process, guiding the way to the goal or the solution.

All the resources for solving your current situation, in which you cannot progress alone, are already within yourself. The focus of my work as a Systemic Coach is on a value-adding development when meeting on an equal basis.

Realise the correct decisions constructively

As a systemic coach, I am trained to remain unbiased and to pick you up right where you are. We walk part of the way together, in order that you can “see the wood for the trees" again. This enables you to find the solution that suits you and your situation and allows you to implement it.

Through the structured nature of the coaching process and with numerous tools in hand, we progress together - individually tailored to you. In this way, you can develop your strengths and potential - whether in the private or professional sphere.

As an private person, my praxis stehen Ihnen meine beiden Praxisstandorte zur Verfügung. Beispielsweise in Krisenzeiten, bei Existenzängsten oder bei Überlastung der Gesamt-Lebenssituation (wegen COVID-19). Als Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens arbeiten wir zusammen z.B. im Ihrem Unternehmen oder in meiner Practice an zwei Standorten in München (München-Stadt und München-Land).

Approach your own solutions step by step

In business, there are many questions that need answering quickly and effectively every day: How can I prepare for an important interview for a job? How can I resolve the conflict with my employee or my manager or my colleague? How do I find the right balance between work and private life? Together we will work out appropriate solutions for you.

Regarding companies, please contact me to book an appointment for coaching to help across any of the following coaching areas:

  • Coaching in Krisensituationen (z.B. wegen COVID-19)
  • Executive personnel Coaching
  • Coaching as a prophylactic action
  • Resource-oriented Coaching or when there are Deficits
  • Coaching concerning Conflicts
  • Coaching on Development

Zusammen mit meinen soliden Kenntnissen als staatlich geprüfte Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (siehe Menüleiste: Mental Health) bin ich in der Lage, auch über die Grenzen eines Coaches hinauszuarbeiten und bei psychischen Belastungen von Angestellten im Personalbereich Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement (BGM, BGF) professionell zu unterstützen. Bei Interesse sprechen Sie mich bitte auf Unterlagen betreffs Details an!

Also in your private life you come closer to your goal through individual coaching. You will find answers to questions such as: Where should I go in my life? How do I get well-balanced between my job and my private life? Where do I want to go? I feel I´m stuck in a rut – how do I get out? Or: I am constantly working on a project, but feel I am making no progress.

Let us make an appointment to get you moving in the right direction - I look forward to a solution-oriented collaboration!