Health Coaching

Professional support for health issues

Health Coaching is a supportive service that supplements therapies by Doctors and specialists. It is geared towards mental support through healing processes in a solution-oriented manner.

Health Coaching does not replace an appointment with your Doctor or specialist. Neither does it involve nutritional advice.

Through the combination of coaching plus integrated methods from psychological techniques, this application of Coaching is currently one of the best solutions when it comes to finding your way back to health

What is important here is the new approach of reconnecting people with themselves and their bodies: Physical and mental resources are activated and aligned in this approach to coaching.

Health coaching is also a valuable area of psycho-oncology, supporting patients (and also their relatives) during and after the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The following methods and processes from psychology and salutogenesis (= the path to health) are used in health coaching:

  • EKT - Energetic-physical techniques such as EFT® (Emotional Freedom Techniques) according to Gary Craig
  • Bifocal multisensory solutions: Letemgo (including EMDR®)
  • Mental solutions such as Inner Journey
  • Somatic Release®
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • PNI – Psycho-Neuro-Immunology as a basis for understanding
  • Systemic components of health
  • Relaxation techniques

I look forward to your individual request as a certified health coach (according to the guidelines of the VDMTC in Germany).