Concrete Strategies in Coaching

Finding orientation. Gaining safety. Successfully master changing processes. Your coaching for new personal, work- and health-related strategies and perspectives!

Targeted Motivation in Training

High goals in mind? A drive for change? Wishing for a strong medical knowhow? Looking for modern stress management through the process of resilience? Start now!

Help towards stability through Mental Health

When one needs more than coaching: proven process against conflicts and strains such as stress, fears, burnout, chronic pain, trauma etc.

Training, Coaching and Therapy Dr. Birgit Weidl

For resilient personalities and visionary & sustainable companies

With know-how, joy and enthusiasm I guide you closely and at the same time empathically through personal and professional development processes – so that you can optimally deploy the new skills and act on your own authority.

I am Dr. Birgit Weidl from the Greater Munich area and offer you professional support you in your daily business as well or in times of upheaval. Goal-conscious, positive, attentive and tailored to your needs.

To live up to expectations - to stay in balance - to embrace the changes

Whether you require trainings, coachings or mental health, whether you are the owner of a company, a leading employee or an individual: my sincerity motivates me with each person I meet professionally .

For example, if it is your concern to remain stable within any stressful situation (by COVID-19, etc.). Or if there is any private change hanging in the air.

I look forward to assisting every single client who feels that he/she has arrived at a turning point in life and is looking for new prospects.

I help you to overcome old patterns, to think clearly, to release the brakes and to find certainty.

For change, new goals and with huge potential for further development.


With advanced techniques in change processes

For holistic support in complex situations - professional and private: Dr. Birgit Weidl develops diverse options for action together with you.